Friday, October 28, 2005

Rhapsody - Ren Faires and fantasy roleplaying have never sounded so intense

You should check out Rhapsody. (If you search for Rhapsody on Real Player, you'll find several songs.) They actually make some pretty cool music; it's a blend of metal, classical, symphonic, and fantasy-epic-movie-soundtrack-type music, and the choral parts are really cool. You just have to ignore the fact that they look like Ren Faire actors and that their whole image is a bit over the top.
Turilli is the band’s lyricist, as well as guitarist. His lyrics often refer to mystical lore from the medieval age and the heroic valor of those times, reminding us of the everlasting fight between good and evil, “Evil can be found everywhere,” says Turilli, “but it will never win as long as there are enough good people who fight against it.”

The music's cool, though it reminds me of those radio commercials advertising "Queen: The Musical." And I have to ignore the lyrics, 'cuz they'll make me giggle at how dorkily fantasy-fanatical they are, and the narratives at the beginning of some tracks. (Example: "Sacred Power of Raging Winds" begins with a deep LOTR narration-type voice saying: "Naira, oriel tarna. Majestic winds of the northlands protect our heroes from the deadly Naroth. Cover their tracks with snow. Rage on with all your fury! Naira carna oriel nirnaan.")

I can totally see these guys playing D&D in a basement with posters of dragons and women in chain-mail bikinis riding tigers while wielding massive swords- good God, they probably LARP on a weekly basis!



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