Monday, October 24, 2005

Moon Child

I watched Moon Child tonight. Twice in a row, which is something I've only done with Interview with the Vampire. Which is funny, 'cuz they're both vampire movies.

But Moon Child is not an ordinary vampire movie. Seems like one of the characters, Kei who is played by L'Arc en Ciel vocalist Hyde- who is now making me act like a rabid fangirl (was last night a full moon???), just happens to be a vampire. The plot doesn't focus on his vampire status too much; which is totally okay because what it does focus on in the relationship between Kei and Sho (portrayed by GACKT! who wrote the story). But they're just friends.... &%$%$#. But at least they're touchy-feely friends who cry and angst over each other, so life does not completely suck.

...Um, my disappointment over the lack of slashiness is entirely for aesthetic reasons.

Bishounen friends don't let vampire bishounen friends go unarmed.

Anyway, the characters are both selfish assholes. I wouldn't like 'em in real life; they go around robbing and shooting people in a psuedo-Matrix way, which is more humorous than impressive. (The best fight scene: when Kei and Sho are fighting a Yakuza gang (when they meet Son), and Kei waltzes around with this guy while shooting people. And Sho does a cool jump, twists around in the air to kick someone, then falls and yells "OUCH!")



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