Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Instead of working more on my midterm, I'm writing this

CURB is a new campaign by UCSC students whose goal is to prevent binge drinking. Their slogan: Just Say Gnome

........ ........ WTF???

This article by the AP explains:
SANTA CRUZ -- Frustrated by high binge drinking rates on campus, officials at the University of California, Santa Cruz, put it simply in their plea to students: "Just say gnome."
There's an important lesson to be learned from the mythical bearded elfin creature that jaunts in the woods under a pointy red hat, they say.
After all, gnomes are small, and students should "party small" -- that is, limit the number of drinks, limit the number of invites and keep the noise down, according to the university's new campaign.

(picture borrowed from
I think CURB's members have done a lee-tle too much binge drinking of their own. I mean, gnomes look like entrenched alcoholics with the red noses and cheeks. Plus, "Just say gnome" makes no sense.

In other news....

I watched "Battle Royale" again! I told my sister about the film after streaming it online. Within the next few days she bought the international version (Korean import: $50) and she loved it. So I borrowed the DVD from her and Curtis and I watched it this afternoon.

I think that movie is hilarious. What does that say about me?

Teenage angst is made so much more enjoyable when its punctuated by gratuitous violence and gruesome death.

Chigusa's death scene:

Chigusa: Hiroki.... Are you in love with someone?
Sugimura: Yeah.
Chigusa: Not me, right?
Sugimura: No....
Chigusa: Then stay with me like this. It won't be long. God, can I tell him one more thing? You look really cool, Hiroki....
Sugimura: You too. You're the coolest girl in the world.
Chigusa: Thanks....

She dies. He cries. I laugh.

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