Monday, September 12, 2005

Owls are loud and annoying when I'm trying to sleep...

...It's always "hoo-OOO hoo-OOO hoo-OOO", on and on and on, even with my windows closed.

I'm supposed to move in to my apartment on campus this Friday. Naturally, I've been trying to ignore that fact. Haven't even really started packing yet.

Yup. Anxiety disorders suck. The everpresent threat of panic attacks always looms in times of stress. That's why I have my new pills. I've used 'em a couple times since I got 'em last month. I've been waiting until it's closer to moving day to take 'em again, though. They're addictive, and I have the feeling I'll probably be needing 'em frequently in the next couple of weeks.

Today I finished reading the book Broken Verses by Kamila Shamsie. I cried for over 20 minutes during and after the last dozen pages.

This is a great quote:
My favourite definition in the English language: frass. It means 'excrement of boring larvae'. I choose to read 'boring' as a comment on personality. Is there any greater insult that you can think of? You frass! Not just excrement of larvae, but excrement of boring larvae. I yell it at the Minions sometimes. Frass! Frass! They continue to look impassive.

-from one of the Poet's letters, Broken Verses

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