Friday, September 09, 2005

ICTH... Reconstructed

I am in the process of reconstructing this blog. That means a new template, a few new(ish) posts (from my myspace blog), and the re-editing and uploading of some of my old blog entries from years past. I'm hoping I'll get some blogging momentum once I move to UCSC (next Friday) and my life might get interesting enough to write about.

Or, if my life stays boring, there's always something or someone in Santa Cruz that's noteworthy. Like last week my boyfriend Curtis, his mom Jill, her friend Margaret, and I went down to SC to visit Curtis' sister Cristie, who's an archaeology grad student at UCSC and studies fish bones. We visited Cristie's office then drove down to downtown SC. There was a street performer on the street (okay, there were many street performers on the street, as usual) who is notable because instead of trying to get money for playing the guitar/sax/koto/kazoo/whatever, he was making balloon animals. He called himself Loony Balloony. He had this life-size motorcycle made entirely of balloons on display which he said he spent 8 hours making. I got a balloon monkey which I call Gimpy Gibbon because one leg started deflating before the others. Surprisingly, he's still hanging from my bedpost, though he's withered quite a bit.


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