Friday, September 23, 2005

"Fight well and with gusto."

I finally saw Battle Royale! I've wanted to see it for a long time, but it's extremely hard to find. I found the entire film online on this site last night that hosts anime episodes and J-rock music videos and stuff. Graphics were kinda crappy at times, but it was still watchable.

It's a very disturbing film based off a novel of the same title. The premise is that Japan has passed the BR Act which every year chooses a 7th-year class at random (supposedly), loads the students in a bus and takes them to a small island where they are each given a random weapon and basic supplies and told to kill each other. The sole survivor will be able to return home. And to ensure the students' participation, each one is equipped with a collar that will explode if the student is in a "danger zone" or the "game" lasts over three days.

Then the kids are sent out to hunt each other with guns, knives, crossbows, sickles, etc. until only one out of the 40 students is left alive.

It's really messed up, but the social ideas behind it are really interesting.



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