Thursday, September 15, 2005

Carlyle rocks!

(Thomas Carlyle was a historian and essayist who lived from 1795 to 1881.)

Why I like Thomas Carlyle:

1) He's anti-Capitalism.
Will the whole Finance Ministers and Upholsterers and Confectioners of modern Europe undertake, in joint-stock company, to make one Shoeblack HAPPY? They cannot accomplish it, above an hour or two: for the Shoeblack also has a Soul quite other than his stomach...

2) He hates the ruling class.
...the truculent Constable of the Destinies suddenly enters: 'Scandalous Phantasms, what do _you_ here? Are "solemnly constituted Impostors" the proper Kings of men? Did you think the Life of Man was a grimacing dance of apes? To be led always by the squeak of your paltry fiddle? Ye miserable, this Universe is not an upholstery Puppet-play, but a terrible God's Fact; and you, I think,--had not you better begone!'

3) He hates fools.
I tell thee, Blockhead, it all comes of thy Vanity

4) Though cynical, he still believes in noble concepts.
Faith strengthens us, enlightens us, for all endeavours and endurances; with Faith we can do all, and dare all, and life itself has a thousand times been joyfully given away.

5) His works have some great imagery.
By benignant fever-paroxysms is Life rooting out the deep-seated chronic Disease, and triumphs over Death. On the roaring billows of Time, thou art not engulfed, but borne aloft into the azure of Eternity.

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