Friday, September 23, 2005

"Fight well and with gusto."

I finally saw Battle Royale! I've wanted to see it for a long time, but it's extremely hard to find. I found the entire film online on this site last night that hosts anime episodes and J-rock music videos and stuff. Graphics were kinda crappy at times, but it was still watchable.

It's a very disturbing film based off a novel of the same title. The premise is that Japan has passed the BR Act which every year chooses a 7th-year class at random (supposedly), loads the students in a bus and takes them to a small island where they are each given a random weapon and basic supplies and told to kill each other. The sole survivor will be able to return home. And to ensure the students' participation, each one is equipped with a collar that will explode if the student is in a "danger zone" or the "game" lasts over three days.

Then the kids are sent out to hunt each other with guns, knives, crossbows, sickles, etc. until only one out of the 40 students is left alive.

It's really messed up, but the social ideas behind it are really interesting.


Thursday, September 15, 2005

Carlyle rocks!

(Thomas Carlyle was a historian and essayist who lived from 1795 to 1881.)

Why I like Thomas Carlyle:

1) He's anti-Capitalism.
Will the whole Finance Ministers and Upholsterers and Confectioners of modern Europe undertake, in joint-stock company, to make one Shoeblack HAPPY? They cannot accomplish it, above an hour or two: for the Shoeblack also has a Soul quite other than his stomach...

2) He hates the ruling class.
...the truculent Constable of the Destinies suddenly enters: 'Scandalous Phantasms, what do _you_ here? Are "solemnly constituted Impostors" the proper Kings of men? Did you think the Life of Man was a grimacing dance of apes? To be led always by the squeak of your paltry fiddle? Ye miserable, this Universe is not an upholstery Puppet-play, but a terrible God's Fact; and you, I think,--had not you better begone!'

3) He hates fools.
I tell thee, Blockhead, it all comes of thy Vanity

4) Though cynical, he still believes in noble concepts.
Faith strengthens us, enlightens us, for all endeavours and endurances; with Faith we can do all, and dare all, and life itself has a thousand times been joyfully given away.

5) His works have some great imagery.
By benignant fever-paroxysms is Life rooting out the deep-seated chronic Disease, and triumphs over Death. On the roaring billows of Time, thou art not engulfed, but borne aloft into the azure of Eternity.

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Monday, September 12, 2005

Owls are loud and annoying when I'm trying to sleep...

...It's always "hoo-OOO hoo-OOO hoo-OOO", on and on and on, even with my windows closed.

I'm supposed to move in to my apartment on campus this Friday. Naturally, I've been trying to ignore that fact. Haven't even really started packing yet.

Yup. Anxiety disorders suck. The everpresent threat of panic attacks always looms in times of stress. That's why I have my new pills. I've used 'em a couple times since I got 'em last month. I've been waiting until it's closer to moving day to take 'em again, though. They're addictive, and I have the feeling I'll probably be needing 'em frequently in the next couple of weeks.

Today I finished reading the book Broken Verses by Kamila Shamsie. I cried for over 20 minutes during and after the last dozen pages.

This is a great quote:
My favourite definition in the English language: frass. It means 'excrement of boring larvae'. I choose to read 'boring' as a comment on personality. Is there any greater insult that you can think of? You frass! Not just excrement of larvae, but excrement of boring larvae. I yell it at the Minions sometimes. Frass! Frass! They continue to look impassive.

-from one of the Poet's letters, Broken Verses

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Friday, September 09, 2005

ICTH... Reconstructed

I am in the process of reconstructing this blog. That means a new template, a few new(ish) posts (from my myspace blog), and the re-editing and uploading of some of my old blog entries from years past. I'm hoping I'll get some blogging momentum once I move to UCSC (next Friday) and my life might get interesting enough to write about.

Or, if my life stays boring, there's always something or someone in Santa Cruz that's noteworthy. Like last week my boyfriend Curtis, his mom Jill, her friend Margaret, and I went down to SC to visit Curtis' sister Cristie, who's an archaeology grad student at UCSC and studies fish bones. We visited Cristie's office then drove down to downtown SC. There was a street performer on the street (okay, there were many street performers on the street, as usual) who is notable because instead of trying to get money for playing the guitar/sax/koto/kazoo/whatever, he was making balloon animals. He called himself Loony Balloony. He had this life-size motorcycle made entirely of balloons on display which he said he spent 8 hours making. I got a balloon monkey which I call Gimpy Gibbon because one leg started deflating before the others. Surprisingly, he's still hanging from my bedpost, though he's withered quite a bit.