Tuesday, January 27, 2004

Fishie died

Now I remember why I haven't used this computer for a week. Something always screws up.

Looking down at my last update I am compelled to tell you that the fish did die. Well, I think it had a stroke. (Do fish have strokes?) He would stay still in the water and his tail end would drop until he was motionless and entirely vertical. When I shook the bowl, it would swim in the underwater equivalent of the way the drunken man with one fake leg lurches down the sidewalk on his way to the bus stop. I kept him for a couple days before my family said he should be "put out of his misery." So my sister flushed him, still alive, down the toilet. As the deed was being done, my sister said "Whee!"

I don't think the fish was saying "Whee" as he was being flushed to his death.

Last Monday I had my wisdom teeth removed. Today I drove my boyfriend up to Palo Alto where he got his wisdom teeth removed.

I went out with my boyfriend to rent DVDs to watch during his recovery. A much better selection than that which my mother arbitrarily selected. Today I watched "Signs" which freaked me out considerably. I am such a wuss when it comes to scary or thrilling movies. I even wimped out on the original "Evil Dead", which is apparently, by todays standards, more humorous than frightening. And the film "Fire in the Sky"... Let's just say I'm never going to watch even a trailer for that movie again.

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