Tuesday, March 18, 2003

Keep the Doors Open Rally - March 17, 2003

Wow... never thought that I'd be a political activist. But yesterday I drove up to Sacramento with my boyfriend Mike to protest the budget cuts Governor Gray Davis wants to make that will severly impact California community colleges. It's really outrageous; he's going to cut 6 percent (or about $800 million) from community colleges, while the University of California and California State University systems will *get* money -- 4.1 percent increase for UC and 1.2 percent for CSU. (BTW, my numbers may not be accurate. I'm getting them from the online articles for today's Sacramento Bee: "8,000 protest college cuts" and "New day dawning? Community college students march on Capitol."

I dunno how many people showed up -- I've seen numbers from 5,000 to 13,000 -- but it was a *crowd.* Lots of people with signs. ("Buy Books Not Bombs" "Dump Davis, Not Students") There were opportunities to register to vote, public speakers, music, and chants. Lots of security too: Highway Patrol, mounted officers, Capitol building security, etc. It was highly energized, but there was no rioting. Overall, it was a good experience. Hopefully we got our point across. If not, there's another rally Saturday April 5th, again, at the Capitol Building.

More info:
California Student Association of Community Colleges



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