Friday, February 21, 2003

Breaking the news

I just returned from the nursing home. Waited with my parents until my sister and uncle brought my grandmother down. Mom had just told her on the phone that the nurses said "it would happen sooner than they had thought," so Nana didn't know that he was actually dead. She walked into the room and stood next to the bed and cried. "It happened so fast," she said. They had been married over 56 years, and now in the matter of a couple weeks after falling, he's gone and she's alone. I don't think that there are too many things worse than that.

My grandmother, uncle, and Mom and Dad are still over there. Jana and I came home. I thought writing things out would make me feel better. I'm not crying as much, but my headache and throat are still really bad, so I'm going to go off to bed. I don't know how things will be in the morning.



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