Tuesday, January 07, 2003

My rant on the British's negligence of the revered semicolon

Usually I like a lot of stuff from Britain- Monty Python, Britcoms like "Are You Being Served?," "Keeping Up Appearances," and "Ab Fab." Sure, I'm an 18-year-old Beatles fan- who isn't? (A Beatles fan, not 18 years old) But the one reason that I couldn't live in England (besides the food, of course) is that they don't use semicolons.

Yeesh! A life without semicolons?! I am a bigger fan of the semicolon than I am of "Changing Rooms!" Sure, I like the comma, too, but using the comma for everything is like using those little suction-cup darts instead of barb-headed arrows! Okay, maybe not, but sheesh! It's only 10 am.

I guess I've been heavily influenced by Misty Lackey's work; it is heavily peppered with naked and dotted commas. Such a little punctuation mark can add so much weight to your writing. (Even high school teachers are impressed with the semicolon. At least mine was.)

What brought about this rant is the fact that I am reading "Running in Heels," a humorous chick book written by British author Anna Maxted. So far it isn't as funny as "Getting Over It" but it has its moments. Otherwise I am just feeling bored and guilty about not writing a ton in this blog. Not that anyone's reading, of course.

Well my short burst of momentum has petered out. (Tee-hee! Petered) So time to check for web manga updates then walk the dogs.

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