Tuesday, January 21, 2003

I'm working for Mrs. Lincoln

I've been busy. Seems like I am actually having a semi-interesting life again.

School starts next week. I'm enrolled in five classes: English 1A, cultural anthropology, U.S. History A, Macroeconomics, and some stupid interpersonal communication class that my mom wants me to take in the hopes that I'll become more social as I am forced into group discussions. *eyeroll* Hopefully I won't flake out in English again. This class has a mythology theme which might interest me more than random trivial essays. The cultural anthro class has an emphasis on women and one of the required texts is about Islamic women. That book, at least, looks interesting.

So today I picked up my sister from a stable she works at and bought my textbooks ($400 worth). After that I hung with Marie.

I've gone out with Mike three times. He's cool. I enjoy hanging out with him. He uses big words, which is kind of a novelty. And we've actually had a philosophical discussion. Plus he's really sweet.

Yay! I don't have to work this week! Not that helping an old lady twice a week is considered an actual "job." (Something really weird about this teacher freaks me out. We were in her bedroom looking at a shelf full of books and the room has this major red, white, and blue theme going on. I notice the portrait hanging over her bed. She looks at it and sighs, "I just love that picture." It's a portrait straight from a U.S. History classroom of Abraham Lincoln. She also has a metal silhouette of Honest Abe's head hanging on the wall in her garage, which we are cleaning out. O-kaay.... So now my mom refers to her as "Mrs Lincoln.")



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