Tuesday, January 14, 2003

Everything bad happens at once

Hi. Y'know when something bad happens everything else seems to go to shit? Well, that's what I hope isn't happening. My grandmother called my mom this afternoon and she has to see a doctor for an emergency appointment tomorrow. My grandfather already has cancer and Alzheimers, so it would be really bad if Nana got sick too.

My father's brother-in-law has always been (as my mom said once) "the type you wish would drive into a tree." It seems that my uncle borrowed even more money from my father's mother so he could buy... a dairy farm. Okaaaay. *eyeroll* So my dad may be going up to New York state to try to straighten things out. My aunt, I guess, is easily intimidated by my uncle, and lacks the skills to live on her own. (She can't drive, for example.) Both my cousins have escaped and are living in San Francisco.



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