Friday, December 06, 2002


So, anyway, hi. My name's Kaerith, known as Marie in the more mundane world. I'll be your waitress this morning. Coffee? Tea? No? Oh well....

Please, forgive my insanity. It comes from my complete lack of any desire for an extracurricular social life. What can I say? I am an introverted, not-quite-yet-misanthropic, geek: all pale and shakey and vulnerable to the harmful UV rays of that huge burning... thingy... in the sky in the world they call Outdoors. Weather. Imagine that. *shudder*

Since I am the one writing this blog, I can talk about anything I want. Since I am socially inept, I will begin by talking about myself. As hinted at above I am something of a computer nerd, though I cannot (as of yet) code HTML, converse comfortably in binary, or mind-meld with my motherboard. My interests are computer-related, though, and I spend a majority of my time indoors basking in the warm, comforting glow of my monitor. I enjoy reading fanfiction, playing Java games or text-based MUDs (Multi-user dungeons. Yep, I am a D&D freak. Strictly online gaming, however. You'll never see me rolling dice to determine how much damage I cause to a Magical Teletubby Elf with my Flaming Sword of Justifiable Homicide! Haha!), and feeding one of my three addictions: reading web comics. My hobbies comp-unrelated include reading sci-fi and fantasy books, looking at the pictures in architectual magazines, watching movies, writing fanfiction, listening to music, and talking to myself.

To deter any future stalkers I'll tell you the basic, unspecific facts about my life. I live with my parents and sister in Silicon Valley in California in America and hate it. The cost of living is way to high and there are masses of weird people loose on the streets: jobless engineers, undergrad art students, tortured musicians and poets who grew up in middle-class families, teenagers walking around in a fog of pot smoke, murderers of the axe variety and otherwise, and the occasional drunk or CEO. Yup, Silicon Valley is a shining example of capitalism at work.

I am currently attending a community college to get my GE stuff out of the way before transferring to a full-fledged university. Dunno which one yet. I haven't even chosen a major yet, though I want to be a writer and/or work with kids past the diaper age but who are not yet screwed up with force-fed society ideals and peer pressure. I currently have been volunteering to work with preschool-aged children and love it. They are old enough to speak in full sentences but young enough to play with crayons and Lincoln Logs. Even though I am almost nineteen, I think I'm still at that phase.

Okay, lunchtime now. Besides, anyone reading this is probably bored out of their gourd. And, might I add, living an even lamer life than I if they spend time reading other people's ramblings. So to all you readers I say "Shoo! Go out and improve your minds and bodies! Play badminton or croquet and enjoy shortness of breath and darkening skin! Re-read Animal Farm, 1984, or Twain's essays! Study the compositions of Wagner and Dylan! Improve the quality of your life and those of others!"

*Sigh* I know, I know; I'm such a hypocrite.



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