Sunday, December 08, 2002

I am a CEDU survivor!

Today I finally finished the page of homework I've been putting off. Yay! Just a stupid, half-*ssed resume for the counseling class Occupations & Lifestyles I am taking in the vain hope that it will help me decide what I want to do with my life. If I *really* wanted to put effort into schoolwork I would have done that 8-page paper for Animal Behavior that was due last Wednesday. Laziness and the tendency to procrastinate are my two biggest faults if you haven't noticed. (Whoops, had to toggle windows so my mom wouldn't see that I haven't done my work.)

Last night I talked to my friend William (Vilhelm) on the phone. He told me about a message board for the proud survivors of CEDU. Yup, I am a veteran of the emotional growth boarding school Boulder Creek Academy. My parents pulled me from the program after 25 months. Some good actually came from the experience, though. I got out of my depression, made friends, got to live in Northern Idaho (which is a whole lot better than this pit called Silicon Valley), and went skiing and backpacking. There are some other good things I've gotten from staying there which I won't mention. But I'll tell ya that I don't have a fear of public speaking since I've done the second worst thing you can do on a stage in front of 200 teenagers and adults. No, I didn't do a strip show involving a snake, bowling pin, and other random objects, but worse: a solo sock-puppet show. How lame is that. (Don't worry, I had no choice in the matter.)



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