Monday, December 30, 2002

The Aftermath

Pretty much just been chillin'. Trying to work out a schedule for next quarter's classes. Ugh, I hate it. Also been re-reading Misty Lackey and Carl Hiaason books. (Carl Hiaason is hilarious! My favorite book by him is "Native Tongue," which features a marine park with such attractions as a farting whale and Dicky the horny dolphin. All his characters are great, especially the steroid freak security guard and the runaway governor.)

Also been playing FFVIII again. I've never actually finished the game. I borrowed it from a guy senior year and the government class we were both in ended before I could try the final battle for the second time. Otherwise, my free time is spent watching movies, hangin' with my friend Marie, MUDding, Internet-surfing, chauffering my sister around, etc. And I spent a couple days setting up and fiddling around with my new stereo. (When am I ever going to need 30 FM radio stations programmed? I only listen to, like, five. And the humble three-CD changer is perfect for me.) I am also very happy to have Mezzanine, by Massive Attack. I *was* going to burn the MP3s I had cluttering up the hard drive of my other computer, but laziness (rather than legal penalties) prevented me from doing so. But even better than a new stereo or Massive Attack CD was my FAVORITE gift: these warm, thickly fuzz-lined, suede slippers. I think all the fluffy wool lining is finally being worn down to half-an-inch thick or so.

And Thank God this holiday season wasn't like last year's; I had this nasty flu from, like, Thanksgiving weekend through New Year's. Seriously. I primarily existed on mashed potatoes, gravy, hot tea with lemon and honey, and, rarely, very rarely, Stove Top stuffing. I was a potato fiend for about three to four weeks.

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